Registration Guide

Step 1

Go to and under the ‘Become a Consultant’ tab check ‘I am at least 18 yrs old’ and ‘I Accept all Terms & Conditions to become a Modicare Consultant.’ Click on ‘Terms & Conditions’ to have a look at the terms. Also, you will need to provide a Sponsor MCA number. You may use the 8-digit number written in the screenshot below in the Sponsor MCA No: text box. Press NEXT

Accept the terms and enter Sponsor MCA No 74905405

Step 2

You will now be taken to the ‘PERSONAL DETAILS’ tab. Fill in your ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, and ‘Date of Birth (DOB)’. You may leave Co-Applicant unchecked. Press NEXT

Enter Personal Details

Step 3

You will now be taken to the ‘ADDRESS’ tab. Fill in your ‘Address’ and ‘Pincode’. City and State will be auto-populated. Also provide your ‘Mobile No.’ and optionally, your ‘Email Id’ and press NEXT.

Enter Address

Step 4

In the ‘KYC’ tab, you will need to provide an ID Proof and Address Proof and copy of the relevant documents. The acceptable documents are listed in the drop down. For example, driving license and aadhar card. Once you have uploaded a copy of the relevant documents, press NEXT

Provide KYC information with document proof

Step 5

On the ‘NEFT’ tab, provide your bank NEFT details so that your monthly earned amount can be deposited there by Modicare. This can be added later as well.

Once you have submitted all information, you will receive your personal MCA number and associated password on your phone via text-message or on your email, if you provided your email in Step 3. It typically takes 24-72 hours to obtain your login information. Once received, you can ‘SIGN IN’ using your credentials (MCA/password) on website and start managing your consultant account.

Congratulations on becoming a Modicare consultant!

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