What is BV, PV, and PGBV?

Readers just starting out as Modicare consultants, and even some old-timers, often ask me what the various abbreviated terms, like BV, PV, and PGBV mentioned on Modicare’s website and phone app mean. To clear the air once and for all, I will explain all these terms in this post.

MRP: Maximum Retail Price
This is the price a Modicare product sells for online or at distribution points (DP).

CP: Cost Price
Actual cost of manufacturing a Modicare product.

BV: Business Volume
Treat this as the difference between MRP and CP. You may call it profit to Modicare, or the sum that is available for sharing with the Modicare consultants after removing the cost of manufacturing the product. BV is one of the most important terms and almost all the income is determined based on BV and its variants. Typically, BV is ~60% of MRP but can range from 30-70% depending on the product. For example, if a product’s MRP is Rs. 200 and BV is set at 60% then BV is 120.

PV: Point Value
This is not very different from BV and is interchangeable with BV. Its value is determined in terms of BV by Modicare at regular intervals (typically, yearly). As of September 2019, 1 PV = 27 BV. So, something with a BV of 270 will have a PV of 10.

PBV / PPV: Personal Business Volume or Personal Point Value
This is the total amount of BV (or PV) generated by you on your personal purchases of Modicare products.

GBV / GPV: Group Business Volume or Group Point Value
This is the total amount of BV (or PV) generated by consultants in your group (and their group, and so on). In some literature, GBV includes PBV but in some it may not. Typically, this is reported for a month. The technical term for the complete group under you is Downline Distributors.

TGBV or TGPV: Total Group Business Volume or Total Group Point Value
This is GBV + PBV (or equivalently, GPV + PPV), i.e. your total business volume generated by the group’s and your personal purchases. Note that some texts would refer to TGBV as GBV, i.e. GBV would include PBV, so take care to not get confused.

AGBV or AGPV: Accumulative (or Cumulative) Group Business Volume or Accumulative Group Point Value
This is the total amount of BV (or PV) generated by your group (and their group, and so on) since your first month with Modicare.

PGBV or PGPV: Personal Group Business Volume or Personal Group Point Value
This is the total amount of BV (or PV) generated by your group and your own purchases in a month; however, total BV from anyone below you who is a Qualified Director or above is excluded. This is slightly tricky but is essential in determining your monthly bonuses.

QD: Qualified Director
A consultant can become a director by accumulating BV over a certain time period. However, to remain a Qualified Director, they are required to reach a certain level of PGBV every month. Monthly bonuses, like Director bonus, etc. payouts require qualified status, i.e. just the title is not enough.

Roll-up BV or PV: Roll-up Business Volume or Point Value
Non-qualified directors’ PGBV (or PGPV) rolled-up to their uplines (sponsor consultants). This may help non-qualified directors in the upline to get qualified. The rolling-up stops at the first qualified director encountered in the upline.

Now that all important abbreviations have been defined, let me illustrate some of the important ones via a diagram.

In the above,

Akash did a TGBV (PBV + GBV) of 6000
Shalini did a TGBV of 9000
Tara (who is a QD) did a TGBV of 43000
You, therefore will have a GBV of Akash’s TGBV + Shalini’s TGBV + Tara’s TGBV = 6000 + 9000 + 43000 = 58000
Your TGBV = GBV + PBV = 60000
Your PGPV = TGBV of all downlines except QDs + PBV = Akash’s TGBV + Shalini’s TGBV + Your PBV = 6000 + 9000 + 2000 = 17000

Hope you liked the post and the illustration. Let me know in the comments if you have questions.


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