APB Slabs and Director Bonus Qualification Table

Listed below are the Accumulative Performance Bonus (APB) slabs and Director & above performance bonus qualifying conditions in the Modicare Azadi Plan as of September 2019.

Accumulative Performance Bonus (APB) Slabs (7% – 22%)

Performance Bonus Level%APVABV (PV x 27)
Senior Consultant10%301-12008127-32426
Associate Supervisor13%1201-270032427-72926
Deputy Supervisor16%2701-450072927-121526
Director22%6001+162027 and above

Director Bonus Qualifying Conditions

Performance Bonus LevelQualifying PGPVQualifying PGBV
(PGPV * 27)
Number of Qualified Downlines
Director>= 1250>= 33750NA
Senior Director>= 1100>= 297001
Executive Director>= 900>= 243002
Senior Executive Director>= 600>= 162003
Platinum Director>= 300>= 81004
Presidential Director6
Crown Diamond Director8
Royal Black Diamond Director11
Global Black Diamond Director>= 14

No idea what ABV and PGBV mean? Checkout my post talking about all these abbreviations.

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